Success Stories

Wendy C.

My story starts off simply: I liked to party. For a while it was fun. Until it was not. I eventually got sober and was clean for 12 years. I was living with my mom and working as a grocery store manager, and when laid off I decided to go to school for nursing. I relapsed, and everything the Alcoholics Anonymous book talks about is absolutely true. This is a progressive illness. When I relapsed, my addiction was a hundred times worse. I lost my nursing license. I went to jail. My mom evicted me. I went from a normal upbringing to a homeless addict.

I entered the inpatient program at Alcoholism Center for Women (ACW) and completed their 120-day program. ACW then referred me to Fred Brown Recovery Services, where I entered their Recovery Bridge Housing sober living. After 6 months, I wanted to stay, and inquired about a position as a house manager. I got the job and have been a house manager for two years at one of Fred Brown Recovery Service’s four female sober living homes.

At Fred Brown Recovery Services I became able to understand my connection to others, and how service to others is an important part of connection and recovery. I gained the safety and security to follow my dreams and goals. I am currently living my connection to others. Helping other women stay sober helps me stay sober. Helping with food distribution to Fred Brown, to the homeless, and to seniors enables me to be of service.

I can now appreciate how hard it was on my mom and friends and family to suffer through my addiction with me. I know now my mom deserves to live in her home safe and secure and am grateful she had the courage to evict me.

If you are willing to accept the help provided your life will change in amazing ways. All of the staff at Fred Brown Recovery Services will help in ways you do not think are possible. Today I’m so grateful for the recovery I have found at Fred Brown Recovery Services.