Von Dutch Shoes Donated to Fred Brown Recovery Services by Annie Ivy Ministry

The Annie Ivy Ministry Inc. recently reached out to Fred Brown Recovery Services with an offer to connect and help. Shortly after the men of Fred Brown received a gift of Von Dutch shoes! The leather white athletic shoes, made in Los Angeles, California, are a fashionable brand name and very useful attire for our men in recovery who are also taking time and making effort to use exercise as another tool of recovery.

The Annie Ivy Ministry was founded in 1990 and organized in memory of dear mother Ivy, who had a heart for helping those who couldn’t help themselves. “We are committed to inspire, motivate and empower clients by the help we give that makes for better and happier lives,” says Annie Ivy Ministry.

Their mission couldn’t be more on point with the needs of Fred Brown Recovery Services. We are so grateful for such a generous donation, which inspired and empowered our men in recovery. They are even training for a marathon!

Annie Ivy Ministry, located in Lynwood, California, is a non-profit dedicated to helping those in transitional housing such as Fred Brown Recovery Services. They provide free clothing, food, community outreach, information and referral services.

Thank you Annie Ivy Ministry!