Strides in Recovery

Strides in Recovery is a Los Angeles-based program that seeks to promote the impact of regular exercise and fitness on healing and long-term sobriety. Along with coaches and volunteers, Leslie Gold brings wellness to people struggling with addiction in recovery and treatment programs throughout the region.

Strides in Recovery has been a part of the residential inpatient program at Fred Brown. Each week, patients wake up on Thursday mornings and run around the San Pedro area and participate in fitness together as a group. According to their website, the program promotes goal-oriented group running and walking programs and a body-mind-soul approach to recovery while reinforcing the life skills and mindset needed to support long-term sobriety.

Strides in Recovery provides the required education, coaching, and support for Fred Brown patients. Gary M., FBRS alumnus, started running with Strides in Recovery during 2020 and has since participated in the program and now coaches at other treatment centers in the area. Gary said his recovery and fitness remind him that “things can never go back to the way things used to be, but who’s to say they can’t be better.”

Leslie Gold started Strides in Recovery after working with people training for a marathon, and that experience inspired her to create her organization. Her message on the website highlights the vital work they are doing for our patients at FBRS, “everyone battling addiction should have the opportunity to learn that regular exercise is physically, mentally, and emotionally healing. Training toward a challenging goal with the support of their sober community provides even more benefits.”

Strides in Recovery’s website is