Strides in Recovery Virtual Run

For someone battling addiction, regular exercise can be life-changing.  Not only does it replace the high of using with a natural high, regular exercise speeds up the rewiring of the brain, making it easier to stay sober in early recovery. It’s also a great way to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, all of which are common triggers for addiction relapse.  The experience of exercising is even more powerful when done toward a challenging goal with the support of a community. 

That’s why Fred Brown Recovery Services will be joining Strides in Recovery and Beacon House going the extra mile for sobriety.  On May 8th, we will begin race day near Lunada Bay in Rancho Palos Verdes, enjoying the ocean views along the cliffs of the peninsula. We will continue on through White Point Preserve and Point Fermin Park, winding back to our facilities in San Pedro.

If we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic, we’d invite you to run with us in person.  But, since we can’t do that, train and run with us in spirit! Proceeds benefit Strides in Recovery.

You can also cheer us on virtually by posting your encouragement on social media along with the hashtag #StridesWithFredBrown and @stridesinrecovery.


Not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting the journey to long term sobriety, you get a beautiful 4″ 5K Finisher or Half Marathon Finisher medal that you can proudly wear and display. You will also receive a high quality adjustable running hat embroidered with the Strides in Recovery logo. (You’ll get to choose the color during registration.)

Celebrate your accomplishment.  Stay cool, and help us spread the word.

Addiction destroys lives. You can be part of the solution.