Remaining in treatment for an adequate period of time is critical for treatment effectiveness.

Assessment instruments assist in estimating the appropriate duration of treatment for each individual. Fred Brown Recovery Services’ residential program is designed as a 90 day treatment program in accordance with research that reveals the threshold of significant improvement is reached for most individuals within that timeframe. Aftercare and the establishment of a continuing recovery support network also play vital roles. Fred Brown Recovery Services utilizes senior residents and the alumni network to help the newest participants. By sharing their personal recovery experiences, alumni encourage the newcomer to form a realistic understanding of the commitment that their own recovery demands. Supportive family members, comprehensive counseling, and family visitation are also employed. Staff facilitates professional and group interventions for persons at risk for leaving prematurely. Strategies are developed which address both internal and external barriers to treatment and issues which may defocus, distract and lead to participants leaving the program impulsively.