Relapse Prevention

Lifelong abstinence from all mood altering chemicals is the number one goal. While relapse is sometimes part of the recovery process it is not necessarily an inevitable part. Our program is a series of lectures, workshops, and group counseling designed to provide each participant with a road map for recovery and long term abstinence through education and prevention planning. Realistically facing and planning for the possibility of relapse is the only way to prevent it. Individuals will be provided the opportunity to focus on multiple areas as they relate to a successful recovery.

Our Program Emphasizes:

  • The Disease of Concept of Addiction
  • Stages of Recovery
  • Understanding Relapse
  • Managing Symptoms of Withdrawal
  • Role of Substitute Addictions
  • Involvement with Support Network
  • Follow-up and Reinforcement
  • Phases and Warning Signs of the Relapse Syndrome
  • Family Involvement in the Recovery Process
  • Warning Signs for Co-Addiction
  • The Relapse Prevention Self-Help Group
  • Development of a Relapse Prevention Plan

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