Success Stories

Lindsey M.

What was your time at FBRS like for you? My time at FBRS was a learning experience. I showed up very lost and broken; I was immediately offered therapy and got on my path to recovery. There were some days that I was lost, hurt, and worried, but I knew that if I stayed on the right track, I had a good chance of putting together some clean time.

What did you learn that will help you in your recovery? I learned that I needed to be patient, and recovery is a slow life long process. The things I wanted in my life will come to me when I was supposed to have them. I also learned that an excellent sober support system is essential for my recovery.

What can others do to be successful at FBRS? I would say keep your head down, do the work, and keep your eye on the prize. Six months will go quickly, which is the time to be selfish and work on yourself. Get a sponsor as soon as you can so you can have someone to speak with outside of Fred Brown.

What advice would you offer patients just starting their recovery journey? The 12 steps are not for people who want them or those who want to fix themselves. The 12 Steps are for people who want to work and change themselves. I had to learn that the hard way and tell new people that it’s essential to be open and willing to change during recovery.

What are your goals now that you have finished treatment? My goals are to focus on rebuilding relationships with my family, especially my daughter. I want to stay connected to my sponsor and meetings. Additionally, I set a goal to get an apartment. I also look forward to the day when I can travel.

What is next for you? Any plans? I try not to live too much in the future, but I would like to go back to working in treatment.