A carefully planned intervention based on love and compassion can be highly effective. The process begins with our treatment team assessing individual needs and circumstances to determine if an intervention is beneficial and appropriate. The interventionist will outline options for the family such as the structure of the intervention, type of treatment, medical issues, insurance coverage, and payment options.

The Interventionist will guide the family through each specific step of the process. Every step of the way will be thoroughly explained in advance and multiple scenarios will be presented to prepare family members in understanding anticipated resistance. The interventionist will explain the crucial role loved ones and others will have in this powerful process.

Our goal is for your loved one to accept help and arrangements made in advance for admission to a treatment program that is best suited. We start by challenging the barriers, beliefs and denial of the addiction. There is strength in numbers and the participants encourage and support the addicted individual and each other in the belief that their family system and relationships can be restored.

A well executed intervention is a viable weapon against active addiction. We all know too well the ultimate consequence of this destructive disease. Addiction also has profound consequences for family members. An intervention brings family and friends together by moving them from crisis to restored hope, serenity and a lifestyle of healthy choices.

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