FBRS Conquers the Bridge

The last year and a half have been an incredible challenge for all of us, including events like Conquer the Bridge being on hiatus. Fred Brown Recovery Services joined the honor to be among the first events to return with this year’s Conquer the Bridge race on Labor Day, September 6, 2021.

Staff and residents of Fred Brown Recovery Services, along with nearly 3,000 other people, ran the route’s milelong Vincent Thomas Bridge. “It looks easier than it is when you start,” said Mark Malone of FBRS. “There is a significant incline that seems very gradual when you first see it, but as you run / walk it, you realize how steep it is.” Malone and several other residents joined the  5.3 mile-long course.

FBRS ran with the team organized by Strides in Recovery. “It was wonderful to be a part of a larger running community and celebrate how fun sobriety can be,” said Malone. Strides in Recovery awarded medals to everyone on their team, adding extra joy and excitement to the FBRS team’s efforts.

Joel from Fred Brown talks about how running has changed his life. WATCH VIDEO

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