Family Program

Chemical dependency is a family disease. It affects the emotional, physical, and the spiritual well being of the family members. Our program is designed to help both the individual and their family understand and cope with the disease of addiction.

We provide a friendly atmosphere and a professional understanding of the problems and personal family situations. The family will be introduced to various aspects of addiction through educational and therapeutic group sessions. Family members will have the opportunity to address their own concerns as well as the concerns of their loved one. What is most important, is that the family has the opportunity to heal from the trauma addiction brings. The support and involvement of the family during and after treatment of the individual is vital for both the family and the individual’s recovery.

Our program emphasizes the following keys to your family’s recovery:

  • Addiction is not a disgrace. Like any illness when treated properly, recovery is possible.
  • Addiction is not about willpower. The “if you loved me” approach does not work.
  • Hiding the truth or pretending the addiction does not exist simply enables.
  • Let your loved one face and solve the consequences of their actions. Don’t do that which they can do for themselves.
  • Idle threats only make a person feel that you don’t mean what you say.
  • Look towards progress not perfection. As with most illnesses, there are phases of recovery.
  • Offer lots of love, support and understanding in each other’s program of recovery.

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