Effective treatment attends to multiple needs of the individual, not just his or her drug use.

Fred Brown Recovery Services believes in taking a holistic approach to recovery and therefore encourages the patient to work on the “whole person”. Participants are assessed to determine their strengths and weaknesses in their physical, emotional, spiritual, vocational, and social potentials. In an effort to establish and maintain balance and harmony, the patient is directed to work on areas where there is lack or over reliance. Continual assessments help determine the range and scope of services necessary beyond drug use. Fred Brown Recovery Services provides in-house assistance with some of the common ancillary services most often associated with alcohol and other drug abuse treatment, such as relapse prevention, anger management, domestic violence education, family counseling, parenting, vocational counseling, health education including tobacco and STD’s and general life skill building components. Formal cooperative agreements and both formal and informal relationships with outside agencies facilitate referrals to an extended range of services. Fred Brown Recovery Services brings all needed resources together to form a point of engagement for the client.