Anger Management

Anger is a basic human emotion, it is used to express negative feelings such as; rage, depression, frustration, fear, unhappiness, and disappointment. Our program is designed to help individuals better understand themselves so they may recognize and normalize anger.

The expression of anger is a learned response; therefore, these behaviors can be unlearned and reconditioned in order to fall within normal expressions of this emotion. As long as anger dominates any of us, it is difficult to lead a healthy positive life.

Individuals will learn to identify, manage and control anger so that is does not become a destructive force. Our program has helped many whose lives and relationships have been torn from expressing anger in destructive ways.

The course consists of a number of weekly sessions depending on the needs of the individual or as may be mandated by the court. Participants will learn how to rebuild relationships in order to live more healthy, content and meaningful lives.

Our Program Emphasizes:

  • The role of the individual’s responsibility in changing behavior.
  • Identifying stress situations and anger triggers.
  • Developing a working understanding of one’s own anger.
  • Identifying “situational anger” that can result in violent behavior.
  • Gaining a better understanding how anger affects family members.
  • Enhancing communication skills and listening techniques.
  • Incorporating new coping skills to handle anger and stress.
  • The ability to release and express anger in acceptable ways.

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