An individual’s treatment and services plan must be re-assessed continually and updated as necessary to ensure that the plan meets the person’s changing needs.

Fred Brown Recovery Services assigns each patient to a primary counselor who takes responsibility for the patient’s case management needs throughout the treatment process. Because the counselor meets with the patient daily, they are able to recognize changing needs and recovery issues and implement these into the individualized treatment plan accordingly. Individualized treatment plans consist of both short and long range goals. Progress is documented continually and weekly updates, re-assessments and revisions of the treatment plan, ensure a person’s changing needs are adequately met. Participants are encouraged to maintain contact after discharge to ensure aftercare needs and concerns are also met. Supplemental services during the course of treatment are identified and are based on and appropriate to the individual’s age, gender, ethnicity, culture and other individual factors. These services are available either on-site or through relationships Fred Brown Recovery Services has developed with agencies providing medical services, mental health, family therapy, childcare, vocational rehabilitation, employment, emergency food and shelter, social and legal services and others.