Albertsons Companies Foundation’s Nourishing Neighbors fundraising drive raises $15k to feed Fred Brown Recovery Services Residents

Fred Brown Recovery Services is grateful for generous customers who donated $15,024 at checkstands to Albertsons Companies Foundation’s Nourishing Neighbors program to aid hunger relief in its community, and to our local Albertsons in San Pedro for selecting Fred Brown Recovery Services as their community charity this holiday season.

Shoppers at Albertsons were able to donate at checkout registers to the Nourishing Neighbors program. The funds raised stay in the community where they are donated and are provided to local charities that will use the money to fund healthy meals for those in need.

“We are so grateful for the generosity of Albertsons and its customers,” said Roxanne Natale-Brown, Fred Brown Recovery Services Executive Director. “Our residents will be treated to a super special holiday this year with groceries and supplies from our local Albertsons. The generosity of our community and our Albertsons is an incredible gift to our men and women working hard to recover and rejoin our community.”

Nourishing Neighbors aims to fight hunger by helping keep food banks stocked, supporting meal distribution programs at schools, and supporting programs that provide food to seniors. As a program of the Albertsons Companies Foundation, it is working to eradicate hunger in America.