Addicted or drug-abusing individuals with co-occurring mental disorders should have both disorders treated in an integrated way.

As a drug and alcohol treatment facility, we address the addiction as the primary disease. Experience shows that as the patient is able to establish and maintain abstinence from mood altering chemicals their attendant personality disorder can be treated more successfully. Clients are encouraged and assisted in obtaining assessment, appropriate treatment and follow up. Psychiatric appointments are facilitated and transportation is provided. Fred Brown Recovery Services works collaboratively with the mental health professional to ensure both disorders are treated in an integrated manner. Fred Brown Recovery Services encourages, supports and facilitates the treatment of coexisting mental disorders through formal and informal relationships with San Pedro Mental Health, the County Department of Mental Health, through a contract with the National Mental Health Association of Greater Los Angeles, Harbor-UCLA, the Parole Outpatient Clinic (POC), Veterans Administration and private medical and psychiatric professionals.